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Join Dr. Kim Furtado, N.D. as she shares her naturopathic wisdom and insight on health concerns and possibilities for healing and nurturing ourselves. We’ll explore how our biochemistry can stall or propel us, and daily self-care techniques for balancing our health and sense of purposeful wellbeing.

Through guided exercises, group discussions and visualization tools, we will retreat into a space of gentle inquest. Throughout the facilitated workshop we will discover:

1. How listening to our bodies can enable us to feel luminously alive.
2. Changing our self-image to change our ‘shape’.
3. Nutrition choices best suited for personal growth.
4. Desires that warrant our full attention.
5. Fear, anger, shame or sadness as may be cyclical pattern and how to navigate the cycles for best outcomes.

We’ll discover how our cycles decelerate, yet vitalize and empower us. Join and embrace purposeful connections with like-minded seekers as we journey to reclaim our vibrancy and heighten our sense of freedom and joy!

Come to nurture and blossom a more genuine expression of your authentic self. Delight in re-entering your environment feeling renewed and refreshed.

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