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Are You Ready for a Change in Your Health & Just Need to Push That Reset Button?

This doctor-supervised gluten, dairy free cleanse and weight loss workshop provides the information and jump start that you seek to change your life, shed unwanted weight, reduce pains and boost your energy. In naturopathic practice since 2001, Dr. Kim shares her knowledge about the liver’s detoxification system, environmental sources of stress and inflammation, and food intolerances.

Exploring the emotional side of cleansing one’s life, balanced with the physical need to reduce inflammation, we will learn how food has the ability to restore your health.

Safe for healthy individuals and for those with chronic symptoms, this workshop helps you restore your vitality:

• Cleanse and Revitalize Your Body
• Address Obstacles to Ideal Weight
• Let Go of Physical, Mental and Emotional Toxins
• Identify Toxic Relationships- With Food and People
• Balance Your Blood Sugars and Stress Hormones
• Reduce Inflammation
• Receive Carefully Designed Menu of Cleansing Juices and Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Lunch Provided

You can return home with the knowledge and inspiration
you need to continue to choose vibrant, clean foods on a daily basis.

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