Bio-Energetic Medicine

Bio-Energy Medicine combines the knowledge of the subtle body anatomy-the chakras, meridians, and vital life force flow- and the release of trauma patterns of illness, grief, chronic pain, depression and PTSD, & recovery from surgery and more. This is done by uses of sound, light and touch.

HOW?  Each of us generates his or her personal harmonic, which is our individual energetic field.  In other words, we are a combined pattern of life energy, as seen through the chakras, meridians, and the pranic or chi flow.  The quality we are looking for is, how well does ones’ energy field re-energize itself thru its natural motion, openness and integration of spirit and body?

Measuring all three of these energy qualities, gives me, the practitioner the personal harmonic of the person and from this information, we can then design a course of treatment using sound, light and touch.

REALLY? – YES> Everything in the world functions at an optimal frequency or has its own sound, vibration- even a virus. When a person is healthy, his or her “tones” are attuned with each other and are in alignment with the frequencies of the outside world. Any stress-related conditions, like-strong emotions, negative thought patterns or events, trauma, or even a pathogen- all register as an invading frequency that can disrupt our personal harmonic, or vibration. If the body or parts of the body (including our energetic structures) are unable to attune the “out of tune” frequency into its personal vibration, the invading frequency can take over and eventually cause disease; emotional, behavioral or physical.

Simply put, when the body generates, vibrates in positive thoughts and feelings, such as faith, peace, hope, and love, our overall health improves. When the body resonates to negative thoughts, we then create disharmony, inside as well as outside ourselves. Some of these negative thoughts and vibrations can be from our environments and not necessarily generated on our own. When we live, work and rest in an environment of stress it can overwhelm our personal harmonic. We then fall into the lower vibrations that surround us, and our health suffers. Perhaps not right away but eventually.

The healing process or overcoming the negative frequencies.

Our modality for treatment in this model of healing is to use sympathetic resonance, (when a sound is made the surrounding vibrations naturally begin to connect and vibrate at the same tone.)

We use the tones of tuning forks, which are set to the specific sounds of the chakras to bring the personal harmonic back into balance.

We use light as a harmonizing frequency to support the positive vibrations of change.

We use touch, to bring the frequencies into the body tissues and deepen the frequency shifts.

It has been my experience over the three decades of healing that our bodies, our spirit seek balance, and when we can find balance we heal.

We are Light, we are Sound and we are Form; when all three are in harmony we are then living a life full and healthy.