Chronic pain can be debilitating. Sufferers never know when an attack comes on and often live in fear of the next onset of extreme discomfort. Whether from an injury, genetics or fibromyalgia,  chronic pain is not the end of a normal life or a reason to retreat into seclusion or become dependent on difficult to acquire, and often enough, addictive prescription drugs.

Reduce Stress

It seems like common sense, but reducing your stress is by no means an easy task for the working parent or someone between jobs. Mental and emotional stress aggravates pain. However, mental and emotional stress are controllable as states of mind. Simply imagining a peaceful place or tranquil setting  can work wonders for anxiety (see my previous article on stress). Relaxation therapy through hypnosis can help the active mind find a more stress-free way of thinking.


Meditation has been successful at bringing peace of mind and body for thousands of years. Traditional Hindu Vedantism dates to around 1500 BCE and is one of the earliest known forms of meditation. Prehistoric rhythmic chants can be actuated to mantras and can be found in all cultures around the world. Special positions and mantras are not necessary to achieve a meditative state. Relax in a comfortable chair, couch or bed. Simply breath naturally Focus on your breathing and concentrate on each breath and how your breathing affects your body.


It almost seems counter to what you are trying to accomplish. Would not exercise risk aggravating my pain? Not necessarily. Exercise does not have to be excessive or arduous. Simply do more of what you already do. Walk more, swim more and do more. Simply being regularly active is exercise.

Exercise helps increase the release of endorphins that effect moods that inhibit pain receptors. By keeping an active life you also build stronger muscles where pain lies and helps them grow back stronger. Exercise can also be combined with meditation in the form of activities such as Tai Chi.

Drink Less and Don’t Smoke

I know, I have mentioned this both articles so far, but it is so very true. Alcohol affects sleep and smoking is just bad for your health. Study after study has shown that smoking inhibits the body’s natural ability to heal itself. If you need help to stop smoking, our practitioners offer a wide variety of therapies that can help you quit fast. From hypnosis to acupuncture and more!

Get a Massage

This is another one of those things that seems fairly obvious. Massage therapy if incredibly helpful for relieving pain and stress.