No matter how well off someone is financially, how many friends they have or close they are to their well-adjusted family, they still have stress.

We all interpret stress differently. What causes anxiety in one person may not cause it in another. Some look at drastic changes in their lives as something exciting and filled with opportunities while other look on with dread. Suffice to say, it is not simply a matter of perception and changing one’s attitude like someone turning off a switch.

Nevertheless, there are things that you can do to that work for most people to help cope with life’s little (and sometimes huge) setbacks.

Be Healthier

Easier said than done, right? Vices such as nicotine, alcohol and even caffeine can make stress worse contrary to the brief euphoria you may feel from puffing away on that cigarette or gulping down that third can of beer. These dependencies are really giving you the illusion of relief from stress as withdrawal causes cravings for the substances and therefore an emotional loop of stress>withdrawal>relief>stress ad infinitum.

Giving up a pattern of addiction to substances like nicotine and alcohol will be stressful at first, but a great relief in the long term as you learn to live without them. The peace of mind that comes with bettering yourself through bettering yourself this way is an amazing affirmation of self.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to a gym! Just changing your routine a few times a week to include getting up and walking around your own neighborhood can be a real lifestyle changer. Walking to the local store instead of driving or biking to work just a few times a week will revitalize muscles you forgot you had and burn calories for a fitter you. Also, try going to a park and breath in and absorb nature to take your mind off what has been troubling you.

Rest More

After walking, biking or hiking you are going to be run down. But, before you take a nap or lay down for the night, make sure your resting environment is free of stress causing reminders. Remove any paperwork, bills or images that bring stress to your mind from your sight.

Create a bubble of tranquility around you, a safe zone if you will. Take some deep breaths, count backwards from 10 a few times and relax. Close your eyes and imagine a negative color like red glowing around you like a sinister mist. Then imagine it flowing down, down and away. Down your shoulders, your chest, hips, legs then feet. It is all that troubles you and it is flowing away and out of your mind leaving you peaceful, calm and at ease.

Get Some Help

At the Quakertown Wellness Center, there are many therapies and techniques at our practitioner’s disposal to assist in alleviating stress. Massage therapy, Intuitive Counseling and Hypnotherapy as well are known to calm and bring peace of mind.